Tapeworm diet | Lose weight with tapeworms

How it works

You take one or two cysts and then the worm will attach to the wall of your small intestine. It will grow over the
course of three months to a length of three feet. Then around day 85 you will take a dose of medicine to kill the
worm. Then you let your body rest for a month and decide if you want do it again. You do this until you have
achieved your weight loss goals.

How much it costs…

The costs depend upon where and how you get treatment. The average cost is between $1,200 and $1,400 USD.

Why do I have to travel to Mexico?

There are state and federal laws against transporting or giving away the cysts of T. saginata.

I live in Europe, Australia, etc. can you ship them to me?

The cysts are only viable for 48 hours once they have been dissected out of the cow. It is very unlikely that they
would survive the shipping. We can try but we cannot guarantee they will be viable. We cannot ship to the United

Why is it so much?

The cattle have to be infected from a known source free of T. solium. The developing cysts have to be incubated
in living cattle which must be sacrificed. The cysts then are dissected out and microscopically examined and
activated in bile solution to ensure they are viable and of the correct species. The cysts are then treated with UV
and washed in antibiotic solution and antimicrobial agents.

What proof do you have that it works?

While weight loss and a change in appetite is a known consequence of tapeworm infection not everyone will
respond. We have no way of identifying responders from non-responders before treatment.

People think I am “off my rocker” for even considering this.

Though it is possible, most likely you are simply unhappy with the available options. Weight loss is a complex
problem. Only a decade ago many doctors were prescribing phen/fen “off-label” to patients for weight loss.
Today, gastroplasty and gastric bypass are a multi-billion dollar industry, but you have to be at least 100 lbs.
overweight to be a candidate. There is no perfect solution to this problem. The best “solution” we have is the
message of diet and exercise, while it is a noble message it is also an abject failure. Since, the 1950’s we have
been inundated with this message and during the period there has been an epidemic of global obesity. Does
anyone not know they should be eating a healthy diet and exercising? The tapeworm diet is an all natural
technology that provides a welcomed relief from the manufactured, high-tech and potentially toxic therapies
available or in development.