Tapeworm diet | Lose weight with tapeworms

Tapeworm Diet

By way of introduction I would like to make a simple observation. Most people have
an aversion to the idea of worms. It is called the disgust response or the “ick factor”.
This is an evolutionary adaptation that produced behaviors favorable to protecting our
ancient ancestors from becoming heavily infested with the different types of worms
that can make the human body a home.


Over the years, I have learned that the

majority of people cannot get past this Semmelweis reflex. If you are one of these
people, “I get it.” This idea is not for you. For the rest of us, what is important to
understand is our ancestors lived in an environment vastly different than the one we
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Over the course of millions of years our bodies have evolved to be chocked full of
worms. tapeworm-dietAs recent as a hundred years ago the average human could expect to be
home to dozens of types of worms: pin, round, tape, hook, and whip to name a few.
Now if you are lucky enough to live in a part of the world with the concepts of
hygiene, sanitation, and urbanization, the chances are you do not have any of these
worms. In fact, your body has never seen them and you might think this is a good
thing, but what is important to understand is that the mammalian immune system
is not a big fan of being so clean.

What the immune system knows and has known for eons is that it will have to deal
with these invaders at some point in a lifetime. Only in the last fifty years have we
completely removed the worms from our bodies. However, the immune system does
not easily forget millions of years of evolution in two or three generations, so it does
what it has always done. It looks for worms, and it looks for worms and it looks for

With each iteration of this process the immune system gets more and more sensitive
until it starts to respond to things that are harmless. Things like cat dander, pollen and
dust. This condition is commonly termed allergy. In more severe cases the immune
system will begin to react to “self”. We call this condition autoimmunity. Either way it
is the immune system behaving in an inappropriate manner and represents a failure in
the detection of substances that can hurt the body versus those that are harmless or

This has been termed the Ghost Parasite Syndrome – an immune system chasing
ghosts or as I like to refer an armed militia chasing phantoms. And by far, the
simplest way to treat this abnormal condition is to give the militia something to do.
You can do this by reintroducing worms to the human body, but what you want to
be very selective about is which worm you use. Some worms have such horrible side-
effects that you would be foolish to even consider using them. The guinea worm
would be an example of such a worm. Other worms are impractical because they are
hard to control dosage or are impossible to get rid of, but there are some worms that
are amenable to manipulation for the purpose of keeping the immune system
balanced. The most commonly used is the pig whipworm.

Now, I have provided this very rudimentary background to worm therapy to create
the idea of “good” worms versus “bad” worms. So, in addition to the above
mentioned “good” worms used to balance the immune system, we add the beef
tapeworm or as it is scientifically known taenia saginata.

The beef tapeworm, in addition to some immunoregulatory properties, occasionally produces a symptom of infection that some people find very desirable weight loss

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